If you’re planning a golfing holiday there are some fine locations across the world and at times, the only issue is deciding just where to play. Your choice of destination is important of course but there are other things to remember before you set off.

As far as locations are concerned, if you’re travelling within Europe the most popular countries for the holiday golfer are undoubtedly Spain and Portugal. These are destinations where the weather rarely, if ever, interferes with your game and there are some top class courses at your disposal.

The combination of near perfect weather together with perfectly manicured courses means that you can play golf in Spain or Portugal virtually all year round. One thing to keep in mind however is that the popularity can sometimes work against you and you may find that some courses are crowded and it may take considerably longer to play through eighteen holes.

One way to avoid the crowds is to look elsewhere in Europe at countries such as Germany, Belgium, Italy and others where the golf holiday isn’t quite so popular. While golfers who travel abroad from the UK may want to play Spain and Portugal in the main, you can find some top class locations across Europe but often without the crowds.

Of course you can travel beyond Europe and take in some beautiful courses across the world. Australia, South Africa and the USA are all high quality locations where you can play some memorable golf. Once again you can choose to play in the more popular countries but if you look a little harder, there are some lesser known, high quality locations in South America, Asia and Africa to name but three.

If you’re staying in the UK you can of course travel to Scotland and play at the home of golf. This is where it all began and there are many historical courses available to the amateur golfer, some of which have held major international tournaments including the British Open itself.

However, even if you are aren’t lucky enough to play at St Andrews or any of the major tournament venues in Scotland, there is still a whole host of world class golfing destinations right across the country. Some are more accessible than others so just make sure you plan ahead.

Wherever you play your holiday golf there are certain things to remember before you set out. Firstly, in the vast majority of cases you will not be able to just ‘turn up and play’. Booking will need to be arranged well in advance for these courses in order to avoid disappointment so you can either make individual arrangements or you can take advantage of the many package holidays that are arranged for golfers these days.

The other vital thing to remember is your handicap certificate. While golf is unlike any other sport in that it gives opportunities for the amateur to play at the world’s top locations, you will need to provide proof of your golfing competence before you can take advantage.

Don’t forget too to book your hotels and to arrange car hire at UK airports if necessary but having taken care of all the basics, there are some wonderful holidays available for the travelling golfer right across the globe.