With the price of air travel increasing and the credit crunch beginning to affect us all you may be thinking of taking a driving holiday this year. Driving holidays can allow you to explore the area to and from your final destination as well as having a break at your chosen destination.

When choosing where to go on your driving holiday you will need to decide firstly on whether you wish to travel abroad or not. If travelling abroad then holidays in Brittany, the south of France, Italy and Spain are all easily accessible from the channel tunnel. If you are planning on travelling to Italy then you may want to take a couple of days travelling to and from your destination and explore the French countryside along the way.

For those who wish to stay closer to home then a driving holiday in the UK may be a better option. It is often the case that we actually visit less of the country we live in than other countries, so taking a driving holiday may be a great way to explore the areas around where you live.

There are many different holiday locations in the UK including Cornwall, Norfolk and the Broads, the Lake District and Scotland. Taking a driving holiday to Cornwall can be great for families as you will visit many different historic sites along the way such as Tintagel, Cornish tin mines and then there is the diversity of the countryside you will pass through whilst driving.

Norfolk has many different locations to offer from the crabbing village of Cromer to the Victorian seaside town of Sheringham; there are plenty of golden sandy beaches for you to explore. Visiting Norfolk on a driving holiday gives you the chance to travel up the coastal route and see all the different sights. You may also wish to venture into the picturesque countryside of the Norfolk Broads with many small local villages to explore.

Most people associate the Lake District with walking holidays but there are many activities, museums and historic homes to visit all around the area. Taking a driving holiday in the Lake District can enable you to take in all the amazing scenery without having to walk long distances and you can also visit all the little tearooms and souvenir shops along the way.

Scotland is the perfect place to take a driving holiday, with the vast differences in landscape between the lowlands and the highlands. Taking a driving holiday to Scotland can allow you to visit all the main tourist attractions and see the countryside in between them. When you visit a main city then you can always park the car in your hotel and use taxis whilst out.