rivercruiseEnjoying a river cruise is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetimes, but enjoying one in Europe is something extra special. Journey to such places as Amsterdam, Budapest, Nuremberg and Dusseldorf and discover historic monuments, medieval towns, castles, cathedrals, wine tasting, tours, excursions and a whole host of historic and cultural jewels, as you wind through soft waters. Bathe in the lap of luxury as you do so, aboard some of the most stunning river cruise ships in the world.

Many of the operators have large vessels that they refer to as ‘space-ships’. It is something you notice when you step aboard, and it adds to the lavishness of it all. However, they make sure not to abuse the space they have by packing in too many guests and guest rooms. In fact their ships house between 112 and 169 guests, which gives their space-ships the feel of a five-star boutique hotel. Other companies hold more than 200 on smaller ships.

Discover beautiful rooms with balconies that transform into sun lounges at the touch of a button. Watch and listen to the river waters or protect yourself from the elements while still enjoying all the dazzling vistas you pass. An exclusive butler will attend to your every need, from bringing drinks and snacks to a shoeshine and valet service.

But the best thing about many of these river cruises, is their all-inclusive nature. All-inclusive packages are generally popular with holidaymakers, not only because they represent better value for money, but because they are hassle-free. There is no need to worry about what you are spending, how much this or that meal is, whether you should embark on this or that excursion, your decisions guided by price. All of it is already paid for, from meals, soft drinks, tea, coffee, beer, wine, spirits and cocktails, to flights, train fares, accommodation, excursions, tours and on-board Wi-Fi. The packages often offered are extra special, simply because they include luxuries that in normal hotels you would expect to pay extra for. Their goal is to make it perfectly feasible for you to leave your wallet or purse at home.