toolbeltSome of us say to ourselves, “Yes, I will get around to painting that wall.” Or perhaps, “Yes, I will put that picture up.” Or maybe even, “Yes, I will fix that radiator.” But in between working full time, looking after the children and walking the dog, there never seems to be a minute spare. Before you know it, a year has passed and the wall is still that ugly shade of green, the picture’s collecting dust on the floor, and you’ve got frostbite. 

You need a handyman

How good are your DIY skills? Can you fix that leaky tap that’s making your water bill shoot through the roof? Can you rewire that light that’s on the blink? Can you repair that washing machine which has stopped working and is causing you to have to travel back to the 19th century each time you want to wash your clothes? If not, call a handyman in London or Dulwich plumbers to help you escape from your houseful of malfunctions!

A handyman is called ‘handy’ for a reason, and many handymen are skilled and experienced in all types of jobs. If your toilet is leaking or not flushing properly, your bath or sink not draining properly, or your tap just won’t stop dripping, a handyman is likely to have the answers. It isn’t just problems they are good for, either. The prospect of installing a boiler or a washing machine can be daunting to many people. For a handyman, it’s a walk in the park.

Handymen can also offer roof-fixing services, which can be dangerous for those who do not know what they’re doing. Many of their services can be tax deductible and easily calculated using a online tax tool. They also can offer interior decorating services, including plastering, tiling, wallpapering, laying floors and painting (so you can finally get rid of that ugly green wall). They also offer carpentry services, such as building shelves, cabinets and wardrobes. These are not jacks-of-all-trades, masters-of-nothing, either. If you speak to a handyman services company, they will provide a handyman who is no less than an expert in his respective field – experienced, highly qualified and reliable.

Do you have the time?

Perhaps it’s a job you can feasibly do yourself, but you just cannot find the time. What many people don’t know is that handymen are very happy to do odd jobs, which takes the pressure off you (and whoever is nagging you!). It might be something as simple as a picture or a mirror that needs putting up.

Whatever your need, it may well be time to call out the handyman.