bedOrthopedic problems are not uncommon. Back pain is something a lot of us go through, and it is something that really gets in the way of one vital thing we all have to do: sleep. In turn, sleep deprivation makes pain a lot worse. Before we know it, we’re stuck in a horrible cycle of insomnia and steadily worsening pain.

A solution to your sleepless woes

A doctor may prescribe a sleeping pill. But they don’t work for all of us, and severe pain often renders them useless. We’re still wide awake. We’re still in pain.

Looking at purchasing a new bed could be the answer, and it could be the solution to your sleepless nights and declining health. Comfort is subject, but adjustable orthopedic & recliner beds can be made to measure. Widths range from 2’3” to 6’0”, lengths range from 5’8” to 7’0” and depths, which can also be customised, range from 16” to 30”. Often you can ask for whatever dimensions you need.

Adjustable beds come with a comfy, orthopedic foam mattress designed to support your joints, band and your overall body, and to combat problems people experience with back or joint pain caused by spine and joint disorders.

Enjoy a good book

Some of us want to sit up in bed and enjoy a good book, or have worries about our circulation and want to sit with our feet raised. Some of us have some problems with water retention, and may want to lie back with our feet raised to reduce swelling. In all these cases, an adjustable orthopedic & recliner bed can give you support and comfort – the two most important factors in a good night’s sleep.

More sleep, less pain

We all have aches and pains from time to time. But if the pain is constant, it can really get us down. Studies have shown that pain and sleep are integrally linked. “Chronic pain is very common in the population and even more common in people who have poor sleep, and it sort of becomes a vicious cycle,” explains David Neumeyer, MD, associate director of the Sleep Disorder Centre at the Lahey Clinic Medical Centre in Burlington, Massachusetts.

An adjustable recliner bed would seem like quite a good investment. There are plenty of different versions available, with unique designs, luxurious upholstered padding, decorative cording and stylish footboards, and some also offer storage space. There are beds with a hoist for those who require one.