earFor most of us, our ability to hear is one of our defining features. It is part of who we are, and vital to our communication with others. And for many of us, listening to music is not a pastime or a hobby; it is a basic need, like food and breathing air. 

No need to suffer in silence

If we cannot follow a discussion within a group of people or carry a simple conversation, and if we cannot listen to our favourite songs and pieces of music, frustration, isolation and fatigue will set in. In this day and age, struggling like this is not necessary. There are solutions out there. One is to consider a hearing aid, and the range of Siemens digital hearing aids is particularly useful. Hearing aids are available on the NHS, but purchasing one through an independent, private organisation, devoted to looking after the elderly, can mean that you get a wider choice, shorter waiting times, more advanced and sophisticated technology, and better after-sales service.

A long-established technical innovator

Siemens is a long-established, multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate and Europe’s largest engineering company and maker of medical diagnostics equipment. They spearhead cutting-edge solutions in the digitalisation and automation industries, and the digital hearing aids they manufacture are a good example of their cutting-edge products. But some independent organisations which supply Siemens digital hearing aids are happy to give you the pros and cons of their devices. It is because they realise the importance of honesty and legitimacy when it comes to our hearing, and because they want you make an informed choice.

A vast range of products

Some of the products available include the new Insio micon range, offering a highly individualised hearing experience, as well as the Optivent function, which accomplishes a good balance between feedback stability and comfort. It is equipped with micon, which is the new platform behind BestSound Technology. The Pure micon is another, also equipped with micon, as well as having a very small, almost completely invisible shell. Many of us would rather wear an inconspicuous hearing aid, and the Pure micon is one of the most discreet hearing aids on the market. Its flexible hearing solution accommodates practically all levels of hearing loss.

Don’t let hearing loss get you down. There are plenty of solutions out there that will enable you take an active part in the world again, and enjoy life to the full.