stairliftThe most important thing that most of us want to keep hold of when we reach old age is our independence. It is more precious to us than anything else. We do change. Our bodies change. We cannot do everything we used to. Some of us struggle on, refusing to accept the changes. But if we take that approach, we whittle away our independence even quicker. What we should do is acknowledge that we need a little help, stop struggling and hold onto our independence for longer. 

A discreet helping hand

A little help is offered by stairlifts and mobility aids, which provide a helping hand without being intrusive. Perhaps you have been avoiding going up and down the stairs as often because you know how much it wears you out, or how much you ache afterwards. A stairlift can help you to regain the pleasure of getting to all areas of your house whenever you like. Some people look at a stairlift and think of it as a sign that they are getting old, and decide that they would rather be without it. They will just go up and down the stairs when they need to, and no more. But that isn’t keeping your independence. That’s losing it. What you need to do is take another look at that stairlift and realign your thinking. You are not getting old by getting a stairlift. You are taking back your independence. In fact, by relieving your legs of having to go up and down the stairs, you are stopping your body from wearing out. So, rather than getting old, you’re actually keeping yourself young.

Bespoke stairlifts

You can get a stairlift that is dependable, affordable and easy to use. Whatever the type of stairs in your house – whether they are straight, curved or narrow – a bespoke stairlift is designed to suit your needs. Different types of seats are available, such as a perch seat if you have restricted movement in your hips or knees. For curved staircases, a twin rail system can accommodate a wide range of staircase configurations and the tightest bends, and can often be supplied in any colour to match your decor. Outdoor stairlifts are available too, perfect for garden steps and porch steps.

Other mobility aids

Other walking and mobility aids are available, such as rollators, with anatomically designed handgrips, useful baskets and adjustable heights. These devices increase mobility and actually encourage activity.