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Yearning for a good night’s sleep?

Orthopedic problems are not uncommon. Back pain is something a lot of us go through, and it is something that really gets in the way of one vital thing we all have to do: sleep. In turn, sleep deprivation makes pain a lot worse. Before we know it, we’re stuck in a horrible cycle of

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Keeping Hold of your Independence

The most important thing that most of us want to keep hold of when we reach old age is our independence. It is more precious to us than anything else. We do change. Our bodies change. We cannot do everything we used to. Some of us struggle on, refusing to accept the changes. But if

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Our Ability to Hear

For most of us, our ability to hear is one of our defining features. It is part of who we are, and vital to our communication with others. And for many of us, listening to music is not a pastime or a hobby; it is a basic need, like food and breathing air.  No need

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