financeIf you are interested in a career in business, finance, government or consulting, as an analyst, accountant or finance manager, MSc accounting and finance courses ought to be your first port of call.

MSc accounting and finance courses are designed to prepare graduates for technical roles and have a dual focus on both the theory and practice of finance. There is a particular emphasis on financial economics, computational methods and financial engineering. The core topics of the MSF program are often covered, though in less detail, including investment banking, investment management and financial management. MSc accounting and finance courses are structured with a pragmatic approach to real-life scenarios, with group work and case studies that will allow students to apply theoretical notions to real problems. Their Masters courses in accounting and finance are more practical-focused than other courses, but they believe that, while the theory is important, dealing with as many real-life scenarios as time on the course will allows sets students on a sturdier path forwards. An MSc accounting and finance course is ideal as a stepping stone towards a career in the financial sector, or as a bridge to further study, such as a PhD. Whatever your aspirations, a Masters in accounting and finance will give you the tools you need to succeed.

The modules covered on consist of Advanced Performance Management, Business Analysis, Advanced Financial Management, Governance, Risk and Ethics, Research Skills and Project Management and International Corporate Reporting. Students will also complete an Accounting Dissertation. Entrants should have at least a 2.2 Bachelor degree or equivalent qualification in accounting or finance, or an NQF Level 6 qualification in accounting or finance. Often there are course advisors on hand to help you make sure you choose the right course and programme that fits with your educational goals and career aspirations.

Adding the best possible MSc accounting and finance courses available to your CV is a step in the right direction, whatever your ultimate goals. Such courses will broaden your knowledge extensively and set you up properly for the future.